La Botica

The La Botica site (5CN1061), located in Conejos County’s spectacular La Jara Canyon, is a large and complex archaeological site that preserves a remarkable record of American Indian lifeways spanning at least 7,500 years. The site is also an important locality for the San Luis...

Magic Mountain

The Magic Mountain site, located in a sheltered valley south of Golden, Colorado, is well known for its stratified Holocene archaeological record. For more than 30 years following the 1966 publication of Cynthia Irwin-Williams and Henry Irwin’s landmark monograph, data from the site were crucial...

Scott Miller Projectile Points

The Scott Miller site is a relic wetland or peat bog that is no longer active, likely due to modifications of the stream channels and a lowering of the water table in the San Luis Valley from extensive agriculture in modern times. In the past,...

San Luis Valley Historical Trails Research

The Old Spanish National Historic Trail (OSNHT) was a pack route primarily used in the early to mid-nineteenth century by merchants traveling between Santa Fe and Los Angeles to exchange blankets and other woolens for horses and mules. The routes these pack caravans traveled were...


PCRG is a non-profit archaeological research and education organization. Each year we offer opportunities for people of all skill levels—from novices to experts—to experience archaeology first-hand. Follow these links to learn more about how you can get involved.

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In 2018, PCRG launched the next generation of archaeological research in Colorado. Online Resources for Colorado Archaeology and Historic Preservation (ORCA) is an open-access platform designed to support research, cultural resources management, and public education in Colorado archaeology. The site features a research library, a compendium of links to online resources, and tools for online communication and collaboration. A core component of the site in a new refereed journal called Reviews in Colorado Archaeology, which publishes authoritative and critical reviews, original research, and thematic contexts.



Founded in 1996, Paleocultural Research Group is a member-supported, 501(c)(3) nonprofit that conducts scientific research, trains students, and educates the public on the archaeology of the Great Plains and Southern Rocky Mountains. PCRG maintains long-term partnerships with a diverse mix of federal agencies, state agencies, and universities. PCRG members, research affiliates, and staff are experienced in the design and implementation of cooperative research and education programs featuring extensive public involvement. PCRG public archaeology projects have taken place in Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, Arizona, and Texas.


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