Support PCRG With Your Membership and Donation

Participating Member

Participating members work in the field or lab, and receive priority when applying for our summer field projects. Household participating membership includes spouses or co-residents who both want to be active members.

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Supporting Member

Supporting Members include people who support the goals and activities of the organization and who wish to be informed about current activities of the organization, but who are not able to participate directly in field or lab projects.

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Student Member

Student members are Participating members. Student members will receive the same priority as Participating members when applying for projects, and will receive all the same benefits of PCRG membership.

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Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation through our giving campaign on by clicking the link below! This safe and secure method allows you to make a tax-deductible gift to support our mission!

Colorado Gives also offers a variety of other methods of giving, including contributing with Donor Advised Funds, IRA contributions, Gifts of Stock, and Wire Transfers!

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing via one of these methods and we will guide you through the process!

Why Support PCRG?

Membership in PCRG is open to everyone that supports our mission. A primary benefit of PCRG membership is getting priority when applying to participate in our summer field projects. Membership also offers many other advantages:

For professional archaeologists and scholars in related disciplines, PCRG offers:

  • An interactive network facilitating communication and collaboration.
  • A pool of scientists and non-specialists from which to recruit project participants.
  • An administrative structure for submitting grant proposals and conducting research.

For educators in public schools, colleges, and universities, PCRG offers:

  • Partnerships for collaborative field schools and hands-on workshops.
  • A source for expert speakers and workshop organizers.

For the general public, PCRG offers:

  • Hands-on field and laboratory experiences (for participating members).
  • The chance to network with professional archaeologists to learn about other volunteer and learning opportunities.

All members will receive an annual report highlighting our past projects and information on upcoming projects. See past annual reports here!

Participating and student members also get priority when applying for projects.