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Membership in PaleoCultural Research Group

PCRG membership is open to the public. Two membership categories are available:

Participating Members are the scientists, technical specialists, and other interested individuals who carry out specific research and educational activities, working in flexible combinations as required for specific projects. Participating members form the pool of expertise from which personnel will be drawn for proposal development and execution of specific projects. Information about Participating Members' particular areas of interest and desired modes of participation is solicited and compiled by the organization for purposes of communication, project planning, and development.
Supporting Members are persons who support the goals and activities of the organization and who wish to be informed about current activities of the organization, but who are not able to participate directly in the activities of the group.

All Participating and Supporting Members receive a report on PCRG activities at least once a year. This communication summarizes recent and ongoing PCRG projects and new discoveries from PCRG-supported activities. Participating Members receive additional communications concerning project concepts, projects under development, and opportunities for member participation.

Mail: PCRG, P. O. Box 745309, Arvada, Colorado, 80006
Lab and Office: 585 Burbank Street, Unit A, Broomfield, Colorado 80020 (Note new address as of February 14, 2018)
Telephone: (303) 439-4098

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